Felling and scrub clearance

A significant activity in our winter programme is the clearance of scrub and coppicing of trees to meet the local conservation objective. Some bits of nature just grow in the wrong place!

Guys cut down willow with hand tools. BW Moors, October 2021
Itchen Valley Country Park September 2021. Dead hedge and logs to recover.
Felling it in Itchen Valley Country Park. Steve steps back sharpish. October 2020
Chopping and carrying to the fire. BW Moors, September 2020
Rule-of-6 applies during Covid restrictions. BW Moors, September 2020.
Where we’ve been, not a bramble to be seen. Twyford Waterworks Trust February 2020
Working towards open heath at Netly Common at the end of 2019.
Netley common looking good after our contribution to clearance of birch regrowth. Summer 2020.
Reducing the creep of carr into fen at Bishops Waltham Moors SSSI. October 2019.
Reeds collected and burned after cutting by HCS at Mercury Marsh. March 2019.
Petrol power beats pensioner power when the going gets tough. Browndown, October 2018.
Thinned Copse at Chawton House, January 2018
First coppicing cut for young trees at Botley Wood, December 2017.
Coppicing at Western School , August 2017.
Hook and Warsash Nature Reserve. Laurel cut and burned by our fire-master. January 2017.
Unknown gorse removal, February 2016