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Work types. Here in this paragraph are links to mini galleries which show a range of images representing the main types of work we do. Click on these work-type links to see    Construction work,    Felling and scrub clearance     ,   Fencing   ,   Gates  ,  Hedge-laying  ,  Paths   ,   Bonding  .

Historical images. The remainder of this page contains a long record in pictures of much of the work of our group back to 2015. Under some photos there is a link to the work description page where more photos of that work have been added at the foot of that page.

Click on an image for a larger view..

Adding ship-lap cladding and a corrugated roof.

Total of 66m layed over 2 weeks at Megan Green.  More photos here.

Barry smoothes the path with a whacker stick. Week 3 on the Toplands path.

Bernie and Iain supervised the grading team.   More photos


Working in teams, making good progress. RHCP June 2022.

A bench in the shade, to sit on or lean on. Chawton.More photos

Some tree trunks are beyond our capability, Chawton House, June 2022.More photos

Cleared debris from and dug out a ditch. RHCP June 2022. More task photos

Refurbished and strengthened. Selborne. May 2022


End of the job. Give me a tool to rest on.


Refurbished steps at Selborne, May 2022.Further photos here

Coffee-time on a damp day that got wetter. Itchen Valley Country Park May 2022


Turning the corner. IVCP.

Workmans Lane #1


Workmans Lane #2


Manor Farm orchard with tree guards.

Hacketts Marsh #2

Hacketts Marsh #1

Kevin applies last staples of the day and Rod squelches off with wet wellies.


Looking East. Hook with Warsash coastal reserve.

Nearly finished. 3 years and 15 visits to re-fence the whole field.  More photos

Hinton Ampnor, layed hedge. More photos


Extended cone cover over Hazel coppiced stool.More photos


Most of the guys in front of the bonus hedge, Manor Farm.

After a challenging task briefing progress is being made at Manor Farm. February 2022.Progress photos

Making planting holes and planting two young Hornbeams. Manor Farm. More photos

Tree line cleared of scrub. Manor Farm, February 2022.


Mechanised removal of arisings. Manor Farm ,January 2022. More photos


Preparing a hedge for laying, RHCP January 2022

View from the right.


View from the left.


A large bonfire of damp willow logs. Hamble Common, December 2021.

Bonfire slow to start on Hamble Common, December 2021

Shorter section finished. Pitt Down December 2021. More photos

Smile? I’m busy! More photos

Progress at lunchtime, week 1 at Workman’s Lane.  See more photos


Harvest of Hazel binders. One of several piles saved from the fire. Crab Wood December 2021 More


The thinned hedge, ready for next visit.  More photos

A hedge we first layed 10 years ago. RHCP November 2021.


1 down and looking good, 16 to go at Twyford Waterworks. Progress photos

Sponders Mede gets a new set of dragon’s teeth.

Willow thicket can now be seen through at the end of day 2.


Bishops Waltham Moors. Cutting back the old Willow. More images here

After decades of service Rod resigns as chairman. Tom presents a cherry-wood fruit bowl he turned from timber recovered during clearance at the Barnwood carpark. Well done both.

Full turn-out for Twyford Waterworks and AGM. All sitting comfortably and Peter shows a leg.


Fixing barbed wire near the end of day 3.


Shawford Down 2021 – end of day 2

IVCP clearing in progress.


Wicor site maintenance August 2021. More photos here

Kevin takes the strain of being watched, Itchen Valley Country Park August 2021.


Tipping and whacking in progress RHCP August 2021. More photos

100m of barbed wire fence replaced at Wicor


The long straight section was very muddy. July 2021. More photos on the event page.


9 guys watch 1 add the finishing touches at BW Moors


The view from knee-high. More photos here.


8 Barn Owl boxes we made as volunteering at home during lockdown3.

The view from the top. June 2021.  See the task page for many more photos.


Basic slog moving hoggin at RHCP June 2021 


Finishing the new gate at Western CEPrimary School. June 2021. More images.


A fiddly manoeuvre with legs in holes

Fence line re-staked. Speltham Down, May 2021.  See also 

Netley Common April 2021. See also    More photos

The nest boxes we made at home in December 2020. Decorated.

Itchen Valley Country Park. Job done. See also  More event photos


Franchises Lodge April 2021. See more at  task photos


Shakespeare Infant School mid April 2021. See also Progress photos

Rain and mud could not dampen our enthusiasm at Manor Farm December 2020.  See also more mud but less wire

Products of volunteering at home during lockdown2

Keeping our distance in the wet wet wet. IVCP October 2020

One of 2 recovered gates donated by HCS. With access ramp.

Always a bonfire. Sponders Mede.

Bishops Waltham Moors. See where we’ve been and more photos


No prizes for fitting twisted gates.


Manor Farm. Make do and mend. Sept 2020

Netley common looking good after clearance work over last winter. The only ‘natural’ heath with heather in Southampton.

The big stretch. Steve working under strain.

Royal Victoria Country Park progress against the odds and terrible soil.

85m of Wicor fence completed in Monday overtime.

Wicor, work in progress. New and old side by side.

Working and social distancing.

Heading home, stalked by covid-19

Tom’s log pile. Sad end for an old oak.

Steve works on a fallen oak bough hung up in a young tree.

Brush cutters, hard at it.

Stepping up to the challenge.

Gate 2.

It’s always well hung with Dennis on the job.

Rod adds finishing touches to Brian and Barry’s steps.

Not so easy to see where we’ve been on this weeded bank.

Like lizards, warming themselves on a sunny bank at Claylands.

Twyford Waterworks

Always a fire.

Where we’ve been, not a bramble to be seen.

Didn’t we do well! 160m thinned out and layed over 4 visits.

The last branch goes down.

January 2020

starting scrub clearance at Claylands

Burning the cleared scrub at Claylands

Doughnut eaters at Manor Farm

Trying to return to open heath at Netley Common at the end of 2019.

Wide open spaces don’t just happen.

A fence and a fire(2) at Wendleholm

December 2019 on the way to Manor Farm.

Thinning out the mature hedge

Cold and wet but still working.

Tidying the finished hedge, Hinton Ampnor 2019

Preparation work for hedge laying.

Green area 1200 sqm October 2019.        Yellow area 980 sqm in 2018.

Hard at work fetching and burning

Teamwork – joint firewatch. Bishops Waltham Moors October 2019.

Don’t turn your back on a falling tree.

Sponders Mede early Autumn

Clearing up boardwalk at Kite’s Croft

Improved bridge access at Kite’s Croft

Lining up for the hokey cokey, Hayling.
The attempt at group telekinesis made post driving no easier.

Many hands make link work

I’m sure that that’s a dinosaur footprint.

Glyn & Roly put the lid on.

Redefining the boundary along the stream in Durcombe's Copse.

Redefining the boundary along the stream in Durcombe’s Copse.

Structure after 2 days

Bridge completed week 4


Testing the Bridge

Steps to Bridge

Where did you get that lovely sun hat? It’s a good match for my jumper.

Wrestling through flint and ancient iron slag outside the blacksmiths shop.

Male bonding in full swing (with apologies to Barry) at Manor Farm.  May 2019.

Martin’s work style holds 10 volunteers spellbound.

Give us a kiss, but no tongues!

“To me.” “To you.” It seemed so easy when the Chuckle Brothers untangle wire on YouTube.

Fence erection, still at the floppy stage.

MondaysRextra gate replaced.

The wrong way and right way to lift a heavy load.

Kissing gate in its new home.

An opening for a kissing gate

kissing gate in old location

Wicor path 2018

Progress. 2019

Short Lythe footpath repairs for NT

Short Lythe Kissing Gate for NT

Short Lythe footpath repairs for NT

Short Lythe Gates for NT



Four fine fellers fixing a fence

Itchen Field, end of day 1. Total of 340m worked on over 2 days. February 2019.

Hinton Ampner Itchen Field, work in progress.

After. Stacked as a dead hedge.

Before clearing invading saplings from pasture land. February 2019.

… never known to sit on the fence.
Mainwarings hedge and ditch defences coming along.
Somehow I’m reminded of the Tiller Girls!

Tuesday overtime

The group was unanimous in its choice of Mr January for the WCV Calendar.

Hedge Laying Hamble CP

January 2019

..  now where did I put my keys?


You can see where we’ve been. Jan 2019. After 4 visits.

Spot the holly – in the dead hedge.

Adey gets the silly hat prize amidst strong competition.  Chowtime for the troops as an Elf looks on.

On the fourth day of Christmas
My true love sent to me
Four muddy ducks
Three life jackets
Two Bundles of faggots
And a rowboat on the lake.

The highest form of pond life – Derek, Peter and Mike rest on their laurels during the duck pond clearing at Manor Farm.
Meanwhile Mrs W looks high and low for her marigolds.

Duck Island Volunteers get to work

Manor Farm Man Shed

12:37 departure from duck island

Bernie wears ear protection

After scrub clearance from the island and far bank

Start of day

Clearing scrub between the trees. Another turnout of 20 guys.

Seven guys give support and encouragement as Rod works. November 2018.

Yellow areas cleared, 980sqm, at The Moors October 2018

Feeding themselves

Feeding the cows

Feeding the fire

Enjoying the best of Hampshire’s countryside.

Good turnout at Twyford despite the rain

4 of WCV joined with Titchfield Haven volunteers to finish the hedge laying. 16.10.2018

Petrol power beats pensioner power (just) when the going gets tough.

Week 2. All hard at it on another fine October day

Bernie and Dave tend fires while the rest rest after a very hot morning – in October.

A big patch cleared and carried away to be burned at Browndown. Week 1.

Titchfield Canal Hedge Sept 2018

Titchfield Canal Hedge Sept 2018

Ah, there it is, at Sponders Mede.

There should be a pond down here somewhere!

The final 80 meters

This will keep them safe

Absolutely vertical – nice work.

Side 3 completed in Friday overtime.

Pond Viewing Platform nearly done

The Pier being constructed

The Pond before we begin. August 2018

Disabled access path for Titchfield Haven

Titchfield Haven Path

Fencing for Royal Victoria Railway

Mind the Train. July 2018

Volunteers on the Line

More volunteers on the line

Child safety barrier for Winchester school

Fencing on Hinton Ampner estate

Taking shade at the end of a hot day at Hinton Ampner

Fence alongside Creek House, Hook

New Fence alongside Creek House, Hook

Hard work and a long way to haul hoggin

Resurfacing Path at Hatch Grange

2 Gates for Titchfield Canal path. May 2018

15 of the usual suspects at the end of a day at Selborne.

Burning Brash at Sponders Mede

Woodland clearance at Sponders Mede

Barnfield, clear view all through. 9/12/16 – 4/4/18

Job complete and cleared away. See StreetView for ‘before’ images.

Renewed fencing at Speltham Down

Teamwork gets the job done

Gate 2 completed by the MondayExtra crew

Erecting a steel gate at Botley Wood

Creating a dead hedge at Botley Wood

Reed burning at Mercury Marsh

Reed burning at Mercury Marsh

Reed burning at Mercury Marsh

Burning brash with panache at Chawton

Thinned Copse at Chawton. January 2018

Lumberjacks at Chawton – and we’re OK.

Barbecue at Botley Wood. Dec 2017

First coppicing cut of trees at Botley Wood

Removing brash at Botley Wood

Brash to be chipped for Manor Farm

HCC provides lunch at Botley Wood

Stakes for hedge during instruction day

Completed Hedge Titchfield Haven

Thinning Hedge Line Titchield Haven

Hedge Laying Titchfield Canal

Privett Church BEFORE

Privett Cemetery AFTER

Privett Church BEFORE. November 2017.

Laying Hedge Selborne

Hedge Laying Selborne

Fencing at Western School. August 2017

Hanging wire on fence Western School

Coppicing at Western School

Installing Western School Fence Posts

Manor Farm Deer Fence Hide

Auger Drilling post hole – Newton Rd

Aligning fence with new gate – Newton Rd

Driving fence post – Newton Rd

Straining livestock fencing – Newton Rd

Attaching fittings to gate at Manor Farm

Installing gates at Manor Farm

High fencing posts for Manor Farm

Edging path for Otterbourne School

Willow Cross fence at Otterbourne School

Edging Path for Otterbourne School

Cricket Pavilion lunch – Hinton Ampner

Digging Post Hole at Hinton Ampner

New Fence Strainer for Hinton Ampner

Hinton Ampner

Hedgelaying at Manor Farm

Hedgelaying at Manor Farm

Chawton Trailer Challenge !

Thinning Copse at Chawton

Burning Cuttings at Chawton

Warsash Rhododendron Clearance AFTER

Warsash Rhododendron Clearance BEFORE

New Equipment

Team Bonding

Mercury Marsh – Before

Mercury Marsh Reed Burning

Reed Burning Mercury Marsh

Pleaching the Hedge Titchfield Canal

Tichfield Canal Before

Titchfield Canal after

Staking the Hedge Tichfield Canal

Hook and Warsash Nature Reserve

Clearing Rhododendrons at Hook

Hook & Warsash Nature Reserve

Clearing Rhododendrons at Hook

Barnfield Carpark. Started Dec 2016

West Down Chilbolton

West Down Chilbolton


Burning Brambles at West Down

Burning Brambles at West Down

Coppicing at Megan Green

Coppicing at Megan Green

Coppicing at Megan Green, West End

titchfield 004

Repairs to Titchfield Haven Canal Bank

titchfield 001

Dog Dips closed along Titchfield Canal

Fencing Pond at Hacketts Marsh

Fencing Pond at Hacketts Marsh

Cowes Lane Corral

Cowes Lane Corral

Digging Trench for Fox Proofing Wire

Manor Farm digging trench for fox proofing

Manor Farm attaching wire mesh to cage.

Hardstanding at Gull Coppice

Hardstanding at Gull Coppice

Holly removal in Priors Hill Copse

Holly removal in Priors Hill Copse

Seating area in Wildlife Garden

Seating area in Wildlife Garden

Otterbourne Primary School Owl Centre

Otterbourne Primary School Owl Centre

Hanging Gate

Hanging Gate


Otterbourne Fencing

Selbourne 225

Selbourne New fencing posts

Clearing fence line

Clearing fence line

Laying the Hedge

Laying the Hedge

Completed Hedge

Completed Hedge. Early 2016

New fencing material

New fencing material


Large Animal Shelter completed at Manor Farm

Large Animal Shelter completed at Manor Farm


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