During the summer much of our time is spent installing and repairing fences. Stock fence is very common but we also do tall deer fence and chain link. We have a motorised earth auger to speed the process but flinty ground is always a challenge.

Images below show samples of our work.

Itchen Navigation path, August 2021.
Wicor shore path July 2021.
Itchen Valley Country Park. Job done. April 2021.
It took a lot of staples! RHCP August 2020
A boring demonstration. Western CE Primary, February 2020.
Wicor new fence. April 2019
Child discourager for Winchester school. July 2018.
Fencing at Western School. August 2017.
Fencing a Willow Cross at Otterbourne School. April 2017.
Attaching wire mesh to cage. Manor Farm, June 2016.
Otterbourne School . April 2015.
Mortice for strainer post struts. Selborne, April 2015.