Laying paths and restoring worn out paths requires a lot of hoggin to be shifted. We can do that. And steps where the gradient calls for it.

Refurbished steps at Selborne’s zig-zag path. May 2022.
The finished view from below. Twyford Waterworks October 2021.
whacking a new path in River Hamble Country Park. August 2021.
Happy to toil. RHCP August 2021.
A long flight of new steps up a muddy slope. RHCP June 2021.
The workers hard at it on Netley Common. June 2021.
The last load of the day going down. A tractor really speeds up the job. June 2021.
Heavy equipment has its part to play on Netley Common. June 2021.
Short Lythe footpath repairs for NT. March 2019.
Disabled access path for Titchfield Haven. August 2018.
Stepping up to the challenge. A rustic route up a rough slope. February 2020.
Rod adds finishing touches to Brian and Barry’s steps. Western CEPrimary February 2020.
Twyford Waterworks. We also do smart steps. February 2020.
Trimming back and resurfacing path at Hatch Grange, May 2018.
Base for Raised Pond at Manor Farm. May 2015.