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Data we collect

Consent is sought from volunteers when asked to provide their contact details to the WCV secretary. These details are needed in case of any emergency whilst working with the group. These details are not shared with any other party outside the group. Volunteers can request to be deleted from the contact list.

Contact details consist of

  1. Name
  2. Home address
  3. E-mail address
  4. Home/mobile phone number
  5. Next of Kin
  6. Any relevant medical condition

Items 3 & 4 are made available to other volunteers as appropriate.

These details are recorded in a confidential document printed and stored offline by the WCV secretary. This document is reviewed yearly for accuracy and updated as needed. Details of volunteers who leave the group are deleted.

Data we publish on our Website

Personal contact information is removed before publishing client/landowner THANK YOU notes on our website.

Members of the group consent to be included in any photographs of work in progress which are posted on the website.

Enquiries made via the WCV Website CONTACT US page are e-mailed to the WCV secretary.

No other data is collected from this website and no cookies are used.