Bridge building at The Moors

Event Details

This event finished on 26 June 2019

Booking for up to 4 visits to The Moors where the headline task is to construct a replacement Bridge and approach path over the stream running into the Sand Boils pool. Likely to include a little welly working in water for members of the B team.

Additional work for the A team will range across the site and include the replacement of many defective fence posts tagged with green paint. Later weeks will also see kissing gate and stile repairs, a little path widening south of the bridge and HCS signs being updated with 2019 stylings.

*** Please read the venue notes ***

Week 1 saw the fencing team make great progress with many posts replaced. The bridge team were delayed by broken branches dangling overhead but ended the day with good progress; removal of the old structure and a start at re-construction to Brad’s design.

Week 2 had the fencing team make continued progress. The bridge team had most of a bridge to show at the end of the day. One sign replaced. Rain brought an early close of play.

Week 3. The bridge has handrails and an approach ramp, upper bridge extension and steps nearly rebuilt. Sign installed on the main road. Path widened to its original spec. Kissing gates now kissed better. Many more fence posts replaced. And we didn’t get too wet which was a bonus given the weather forecast.

Week 4, Still enough finishing off to occupy us for another day.