Carriage Drive clearance

Event Details

This event finished on 15 June 2022

Two weeks of work for Chawton House.
Park at the south end of Gosport Road.

Week 1. Lots of trimming, cutting, felling and burning along the Carriage Drive.

Week 2. We will be working in the nuttery and shrubbery at the top of the gardens. There’s clearance of laurel, coppicing of hazel, strimming of nettles and a huge bonfire required; there may be a few small ash/sycamore to fell too. Jonny will assist and meet you at the end of Gosport Road, as last week. It will be possible to take a couple of vehicles across the fields as last time. Use a gate halfway along the wilderness, between two clumps of hazel to get access.

Chawton House staff baked excellent cakes for us each week. Thank you Julia. Invite us back for more work (and more cake)!


The whole line-up for today.

Dennis cutting old brash for Barry to haul. Chawton, June 2022.

Early stage bonfire. Roaring away already. Chawton, June 2022.

A bench in the shade, to sit on or lean on. Chawton.

Kevin’s first cut to knock down the nettles and weeds at Chawton House.

After a flail cut, looking very smart.

Most of a big fallen oak reduced to logs.

Bonfire subsiding and saved logs. Chawton House, June 2022

Some tree trunks are beyond our capability, Chawton House, June 2022.