Crab Wood Coup

Event Details

This event finished on 01 December 2021

Working for the HCS Central Sites team. Task leader Geoff.

This is genuine ancient woodland that has been under management since the Romans cut a main road through the wood. We’re to coppice all but the mature trees in a coupe just North of the carpark as part of an 8-year rotation. We should make bundles of all viable Hazel stakes and binders. Other brash to be burned on site. Chainsaws, hedge trimmers, bowsaws and loppers will be the tools of choice. Hard hats and eye protection advised.

Here Sarum Road running east to west is a tarmac covering on top of the original Roman road.

Week 1 went well with a good clearance and 2 bonfires.

Week 2. Mike to bring fruity flapjack. Thank you Mrs G.

Work area in orange

Start of day 2. Crab Wood December 2021

Congregating for task briefing.

It was big and 🔥 hot.

Looking SW from the boundary beech.

All arrisings stacked on the fires. Crab Wood.

Working in the woods.

Our coupe couped.

Harvest of Hazel binders. One of several piles saved from the fire. Crab Wood December 2021