Westwood dead-hedging

Event Details

Under unusual circumstances the team will be split for 2 weeks – see the boardwalk task.

In this second week the additional task will involve helping Martin cut back Blackthorn and lay the cuttings to form a dead hedge to discourage the entry of scrambling youths. Martin will supply loppers and bow saws whilst wielding his chainsaw for the bigger bits.

The clearance work will facilitate the felling of diseased Ash trees later by a contractor.

Please study the new venue access description. Do not arrive before 09.30 as this is a narrow road and there is no parking space till the gate has been opened. Martin should be at the roadside in high-vis jacket to wave you in.

Your friendly ranger recently said “The group were a dream to work with last week! No arguments, no fuss. They were happy with donuts as encouragement. Happy for that half to return again. ”

John and Rod do team talk at Westwood.

Martin’s Ranger turned chuck-wagon.

Lunch -=- Thank you Martin.