Durcomb’s Copse southern boundary

Event Details

This event finished on 10 July 2019

Re-establish the boundary of the River Hamble Country Park where it runs along the stream below the Pylands Ranger Depot, using 3-strand barbed wire fence. Some chainsaw work will be needed to clear obstacles but not the auger as the ground is soft and wet. Working down a steep slope which may not suit everyone’s level of agility.

This is our bonus task after completing the Barnfield fence in one day when 2 were allowed. Duncan was impressed.

A second task at the same location has come up so we’re going to spend 2 weeks here working on both together.  The new task is to construct a store in the ranger depot yard. The challenge for week 1 will be digging holes and the accurate planting of 11 4×4 posts.

Geoff task leader for the day with Kevin leading the fencing group.

Week 1 Status. For the fencing team the challenge was the terrain, as predicted, made more jungley by the hot weather. Most of the line has been cleared and a start made on fence building. For the shelter construction team the main challenge turned out to be arriving at a plan that most could agree upon. Good progress was made, with 8 posts set, once we got in our groove. A ‘lost’ pair of rigger gloves are with Geoff. A lost phone was found to be not lost at all. Thanks to all 13 who made it a low turnout day, and Bazza’s friend who came all the way from NZ to help.


Week 2 status.  Much progress was made with barbed wire along the stream boundary which proved less straight than it at first appeared. A 3rd visit will be needed to complete the task.

The whole structure of the shelter in the yard was completed with 2.5m of cladding to apply along with the roofing sheets which WCV were not proposing to attempt.