Various at Speltham Down

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This event finished on 19 May 2021

This job for the National Trust (Paul C. and Jim A.) has been delayed by lockdown3.

Two weeks of fencing work on this sloping site, though thankfully on the flat this year. Task leader Nick for his first time.

Full covid-countermeasures to be deployed

The main task is to replace the posts along approximately 200m of stock fence (4m spacing) and refit the same wire. Driving posts into chalky ground with masks/visors will be the challenge.

Update.  Visit 1 has seen nearly the whole task completed as initially requested.

Visit 2 will see the main fencing task completed. We will then turn to a number of lesser tasks which were expressed as nice-to-have-if-there’s-time. This will include clearing young Sycamore saplings* from high up on the hill and replacing a distant corner strainer. Don’t be put off by early rain, it should be dry before 10.  All tasks completed in the dry! Good job.

* sapling – a young tree up to 10cm diameter at breast height.

Work locations.

Additionally, in the corner of the carpark field, the iron kissing gate needs a new hanging post and adjacent strainer post, see below.

One of the tasks.

Progress made in week 1.

Gateway improved after being kissed better.

And viewed from the inside.

Fence line re-staked. The ground was kind to us.

And more in week 2.

Speltham Down, May 2021. Short replacement fence by the road.

West end of the main fence run.

2 workers, 2 helpers, task leader checking progress and commentator in case a 6th opinion might help. (Plus a cameraman)

Spot 5 Sycamore cutters?