Fencing strengthening at Manor Farm

Event Details

Work for Dan at Manor Farm.  Task leader Geoff.

South of the new Play Barn there are several lengths of standard stock fence with barbed topping which have become a health hazard with changed visitor access. Pig pen boundaries are being changed too.

There will be barbed wire to remove and some 80cm stock mesh. We will then install 110cm “horse netting” fence in its place. (See https://www.essexfieldfencing.co.uk/equine-fencing/horse-netting/ ) There may also be gates to hang but all post-driving will have been completed already.

All livestock will be moved to other enclosures but we should ensure that all boundaries worked on are intact at the end of the day.

Please bring your own bucket or similar container, along with hammer and fencing pliers if you have them as there’s a good chance you’ll be taking out staples or putting back in for most of the day.

After arrival we will split into small teams to work separately on different fence runs. Breaks also to be taken in the same small groups.

And finally: for those who have volunteered to construct bird boxes etc, kits of materials should be available to collect today, if not earlier.