Hamble Valley Hedge Laying

Event Details

This event is running from 27 November 2019 until 29 January 2020. It is next occurring on 22nd January 2020 09:45

Hedge laying at Hamble Valley Country Park for HCS. Continuing on the hedge along the road to Manor Farm that we started a year ago. We have 4 days here this season. Much old layed material and Ash will need to be cut out of the hedge before laying younger material. Brash to be burned in the adjacent field. Brian to lead the day. Probably options for a little take-away firewood.

Parking in the far end of the Barnfield carpark.

Week 1: Gave us an opportunity to live up to our claim to work every Wednesday, whatever the weather. With enthusiasm much dampened we got on with the task of clearing old wood and liggers  from the previous laying. Burning the brash in a sea of mud was a challenge of its own. And we don’t often dig rainwater drainage channels.

Week 2: considering the 120m length we’re engaged upon we now have 55m layed, staked and bound, there is another 40m cleared and ready to lay and a final 25m that we have started to trim back. The finished stretch looks impressive! Sorry no photos.

We’ll be back.