Hedge Planting

Event Details

This event finished on 16 March 2022

A three week task at Manor Farm. Task leader Geoff.

Dan has asked us to plant, stake with a cane and spiral-wrap 3000 bare-rooted hedging plants along 600m lines in the paddock behind the cattle round-house and in the ex-deer field near the hide.

We have a number of spades in the trailer but not enough for everyone. It is probably best if some of us can bring along our own favourite spade for this task. Martin has also offered the loan of 8 planting spears

Week 1. Planted 19 young standard trees, 2 apple trees and relocated 10 young beech plants. Along 380m of hedge line dug about 1845 holes for hedging whips. To be delivered tomorrow.  Should have come yesterday. Cleared scrub along 2 tree lines.

Week 2. Following a little thought in the farm about what to do with 1155 spare plants we will increase the planting regime from 5 to 7.5 plants per metre by poking a 3rd row of holes alongside the first 2 rows dug in week 1.  205m planted with 1540 plants today.  Bernie brought classy buns.

Week 3. 165m more planting remains, starting with re-spiking the holes after so much rain in recent days.    The hedging supplier seems to have sent many spare plants. Having planted 1240 in 165m as planned we had many plants left over so planted another 684 plants in 57m. Making the grand total approximately 3572 along 440m.

Planting target was originally 1500 Hawthorn, 300 Blackthorn, 300 Cherry, 300 Field Maple, 300 Hazel, 300 Dog Rose. We lost count …..

Making planting holes and planting two young Hornbeams.

Undergrowth cleared from a tree line, Manor Farm

Piles of brash waiting to be taken away.

Tree line cleared of scrub. Manor Farm, February 2022.

After a challenging task briefing progress is being made.

Getting down to it …

Laying out bare-rooted whips to achieve an even mixing.

Afternoon progress.

Applying a bark mulch.

A finished hedge line. Manor Farm.

Guess whose balding head.

Final quality check by the emeritus chairman. “Who painted this wonky line?”

Tom planted Willow in the new water filtration area.

“Looks fantastic Geoff, we are all super pleased with it. I’ll make sure tree stakes are here for next week.  Cheers”  Dan.

Most of the guys in front of the bonus hedge, Manor Farm.

Someone gets a small take-home bonus.

Planted in February. Sprouting in April.

Some whips somewhat wind-blown.