Kite’s Croft groundworks

Event Details

This event finished on 04 September 2019

Work for Hampshire Countryside Service at Kite’s Croft, Titchfield. There is a boardwalk in the local reserve which our group helped to construct when Rod was a lad. Now decayed and closed on safety grounds. It has been partially demolished by a corporate volunteer group on an away-day but there is still 180m intact for us to engage with. The old boardwalk along with 3 bridges are being removed, taken off site in a RoRo skip that will be sited 600m away at the southern gate. Rangers will use a dumper truck to transport the wood to the skip.

A small detail will be asked to clear all branches out of the stream bed to reduce flooding. Waders provided.

Week 1. The skip arrived, eventually, and the initial jumble of timber removed from the path by a great team effort. A length of boardwalk near the earth bank was ripped up ready for removal. A number of blockages were removed from the stream, no beavers, otters or voles were harmed in the process.

More of the same in week two. Task leader Rod.