Kite’s Croft groundworks

Event Details

This event is running from 28 August 2019 until 4 September 2019. It is next occurring on 28th August 2019 09:40

  • Venue: Kite's Croft
  • Upcoming Dates:

Work for Hampshire Countryside Service at Kite’s Croft, Titchfield. The boardwalk in the local reserve is closed on safety grounds and has been partially demolished by a corporate group day out. The old rotten boardwalk along with 3 bridges are being removed, taken off site somehow. Detailed work plan is evolving as the date approaches and should be decided by coffee time.

Ben may be present with his digger and wrecking ball. Bringing your wellies will be a good choice if there has been heavy rain as the stream can flood.

Task leader probably Rod.