Manor Farm sword play

Event Details

This event finished on 12 August 2020

Two weeks of fencing. Fitting deer mesh and stock fence to 2 parallel lines of posts. Strainers, gates and a little scrub clearance may be in the work mix. Task leader Geoff.

Parking in Scotty’s field which is up a yellow hoggin track on the right between the main and overflow car parks.

For the first time since lockdown we’re raising the group size above 6 in line with HCS who now allow up to 30 as long as distancing and hygiene guidelines are adhered to. All working members may turn up on the day. Predicted turn-out 12 with John A. and Dennis making a first appearance. We’ll start with a review of the safe working guidance then split into groups to work at points spread along the 250m fence line. 

As an aid to hygeine and reducing tool sharing please bring your own hammer and a bucket to carry staples in as much of the work will be fixing wire. 

Week 1 went well with fine weather, good progress and the liberation of 3 colleagues from lockdown making a turnout of 13.  No carpentry in week 2, just loads of stapling of taut wire whilst being very covid cautious.

Bring plenty to drinks as it’s set to be a hot day. Sun hat and/or suntan lotion.