Megan Green path restoration

Event Details

This event finished on 27 July 2022

Path work for West End council. Restore to as-new condition 100m of 1.5m hoggin path starting from the gate on Quob Lane. Baz to lead.

Please bring a wheelbarrow if you can. And your spare mattock, pick axe and shovel. The existing path will be dry and hard. Ben will bring his digger.

Over 2 weeks Ben and his digger made the job possible by digging out the dry, hard ground. Everyone else made it good again. 66 metres finished. We’ll be back probably.

After 5 weeks of path-work the team operate like a creeking machine.

Is that flat enough? Megan Green, West End.

Many barrow-loads hauled. Megan Green July 2022

Total of 66m layed over 2 weeks.

Keep on truckin’

Trudging homewards.

Ben wrestles with irregular piles of hoggin