Natural England 1 & 2

Event Details

This event finished on 02 March 2022

First job for a new client – Natural England in the Meon Valley. Geoff to lead.

Two weeks to start and re-establish a rota of coppicing that is long overdue on the Beacon Hill National Nature Reserve on the West the Meon valley.

All Hazel to be cut close to the ground. Much of the brash will be burned on site. Coppiced hazel stools to be covered with a wigwam of ‘top and lop’ to try and keep deer from eating all of the new shoots for 2 or 3 years.

Additional bonfire nearby for pre-cut scrub.

All chainsaws on duty please and power hedge trimmers for any brambles. We’re bringing hand tools in our cars rather than the tool trailer.

Because of concerns about vandalism and theft from cars at Beacon Hill we will operate a rota of watchmen in the carpark. Two at a time for a half hour shift should see us all taking a turn through the day.

Week 1. Most of the team coppicing Hazel, no pictures yet, sorry.
Team of 3 split off to clear scrub. See pictures below .

Week 2. More coppicing done and Hazel stools covered to protect new growth. Many photos at the foot of this page.

Scrub clearance, before. Beacon Hill Feb 2022.

See them in action In this video

After clearing and burning on Beacon Hill. Local ranger actually treating cut stems!

Good bonfire on very steep terrain.

Start of day 2, video.  showing the scene of destruction.

Carpark watch. We all took turns.

Mixed structure. Coppice stool protection against deer predation.

Many pictures of stool protection follow. Your photographer will return in the summer to check for new growth.



Dainty wig-wam a child would be proud of as a den.

A layered branch, protected.

Two large stools under a monster pile.

Low density light cover.


Square constrained jumble.

Stool protection that would keep the Russians out.

Probably too much.

Stools not yet protected.

Video of the scene – where we’ve been.  at the end of day 2