Pond weeding at Manor Farm

Event Details

It is 3 years since we worked on pond margins and island at Manor Farm.  Since then willow, brambles and nettles have become established in the fertile mud banks. Our challenge is to target only the undesirables whilst leaving intact most of the deliberate planting. Please try to pull out the weeds rather than simply cut off near the ground.

Come equipped for mud. The waders that Dan bought for the group will be on the job.

Park in the public carpark or in the staff area as suits you best. Congregate at the workshop by the pond.

Start of job in 2018

… they did a good job.

Autumn 2021

The burden of weed growth.


Taking care on the water’s edge.

Explaining the task to passers-by.

A lot of bending and bramble pulling.

Brambles cleared from the island.

Returning without incident.

Mechanised removal of arisings.

Pile of cut material NOT burned today.

After extensive weed removal we also planted local breed apples.

Manor Farm orchard with tree guards, April 2022.