RHCP Hedge laying

Event Details

This event finished on 17 November 2021

We have 4 weeks of hedge laying for RHCP this winter. Task leader Brian.

The first section is about 110m long and contains quite a lot of previously layed liggers which will need to be removed before younger growth is layed down. All chainsaws, hedge trimmers and new Silky saws on duty please. Arrisings to be burned in the adjacent field.

Week 1. Saw most of the hedge line cleared of the old layed material, only 25m to clear in week 2 when we’ll start laying.

Week 2 saw all thinning complete and approximately half of the laying achieved.

We will return in January 2022.


Road side. Quite a lot of work needed.

After 2 days work.


The large hedge.


End of day 1. Thinned.


End day 2. Layed





Always a bonfire, in a muddy field.

Many hands get to work.

Ben ready to leap into action.

Driving Stakes.

The remaining thinned hedge, ready for next visit.