RHCP Hedge laying

Event Details

This event is running from 7 December 2022 until 21 December 2022. It is next occurring on 7th December 2022 09:45

  • Venue: Well on the way to Manor Farm
  • Upcoming Dates:

Over 3 weeks we will lay 180m of hedge opposite the RHCP burn site. We prepared this hedge this spring. Rather than have Duncan supply stakes and binders we will harvest them ourselves from Page’s Copse, which runs alongside the hedge. Some guys will cut the stakes & binders whilst others lay the hedge. Team roles should rotate over the 3 weeks so everyone gets fair turns at the easy tasks.

There will be a bonfire for the brash. Chainsaws on duty please.

Task leader vacancy.

This may be our last length of hedge-laying along the road to Manor Farm this decade.