Steps down a muddy slope

Event Details

This event finished on 16 June 2021

In River Hamble Country Park we will build a bold stepped path down/up a slope which is prone to turn to mud in wet weather. John R. to lead the task. One chainsaw required on the job please. There will be a lot of scalpings to barrow down the slope. Barrows being borrowed from Duncan and Dan.

Task location

Parking/helicopter rescue at

Parking charges at the exit barrier are ‘sorted’.

Update.. week 1 went well with good progress at the top and the bottom of the slope. See photos below. JohnR brought his own barrow which sadly collapsed under the strain. Rust in peace. Week 2 will see the middle section completed and a number of lesser tasks undertaken in the vicinity. Duncan has also asked for a retaining board down both sides of the steps. His wish is our command.

Looking down steps intended location.

Progress in week 1

The top flight team

Tamping down the lower section showing the tree stumps we had to work around!

Some of the barrow boys. Basic slog moving hoggin at RHCP June 2021

Work completed in week 2.

The view from the top. June 2021.

The full flights of new steps up a muddy slope.

Upper gentle slope to the first step.


The West steps repaired.

New pedestrian access to the wood. From the outside.


New access to the track. From inside the wood.

Photo updates early July 2021

Improved entrance to the woods

And looking out.

New entrance has hoggin (but still muddy inside the wood)

And the muddy slope has been planted up with mixed hedging.