Up on Shawford Down

Event Details

This event finished on 09 October 2019

Repair/replace 300 metres of stock fence along a permissive bridle path on the south-eastern edge of Shawford Down for HCS (Central Countryside Sites team). The principal issue is rotted posts, all of which are to be replaced, wire to be re-used. Much (but not all) of the scrub has already been cleared in front of the fence line to simplify the task. Rod to lead and inspire us.

Week 1: The whole day spent on installing 7 strainer posts and 49 intermediate posts. From a good start it went 160m steadily downhill. Well done guys.

Week 2: The priority will be to get all the posts in, down to the lower gate. (Looks like the auger will finish the day hot and blunt again). Then fix as much wire as time allows. We can do it!

Parking note for week 2: the majority of the work will be towards the bottom of the hill, close to the walkers carpark along Bridge Terrace above Shawford Station. The tool trailer will be here this week. If there are spare spaces this is likely to be an easier entry point. At your discretion …