Event Details

This event finished on 14 July 2021

A change of task in River Hamble Country Park. Still putting a hoggin top on a permissive footpath behind the burn site on the left of the road to Manor Farm. Rod to lead the task.

The job is to lay edge boards along about 120m of flat earth path and top with fabric and hoggin. Fence rail timber will be used for edging and pegs. A little light trimming back of the shrubs along the path is also on the plan. Hoggin will probably be dumped at the back of the burn site, just off the mid-point of the path, to reduce the barrow-hauling. Please bring a barrow if you can.

Parking in the wide track across the road as shown in the sketch.

Free exit through the charge barrier for the group upon request to Duncan.

Progress. Nearly all edging installed and a start made laying hoggin. Lots of barrow work for week 2.

Week 1 photos.

S-bend. 120m edging x2 nailed to 250 stakes.

Iain engaged in earthworks.

Edge-laying in full swing on a muddy section in RHCP. Mosquitoes can be troublesome.

Sharp bend near the end, with a little path re-alignment. 

Roland dumped a load conveniently close.