Wicor fence replacement, 6 & 7

Event Details

This event is running from 17 July 2019 until 24 July 2019. It is next occurring on 24th July 2019 09:45

  • Venue: Wicor path
  • Upcoming Dates:

Continue chain link and barbed wire fence renewal as we have done previously. Task leader Tom.

All of the parking spaces outside the first field gate have been marked for Salt Cafe customers only. It is unclear what regime of policing or penalty is in force.

Visit 6 saw a good straight run installed despite the dry, hard nature of the ground. There was also a thick bramble patch cleared away from the fence line in the corner of the field. Martin says “thank you guys for a good job”.

Visit 7. Just over 2 rolls left now to complete the chain link section. This should be a doddle with 2 augers on the job.