Wicor tree planting

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This event finished on 30 March 2022



Late update. Forest operations extracting more ash this week. We will be working on the fencing only and will need to keep the track clear.

For week 2, any planting work here will depend on a lot of felling being done in a short time. Please watch this space on 29th.

Hampshire Southern Sites working for Martin.

Last year there was a lot of diseased Ash removed from the little wood at Wicor (North of the familiar horse field). We have been asked to help replant the wood with up to 200 young trees, about 2m tall. They will need to have a diagonal stake fitted. Before our visit, the mountains of old ash brash have been reduced to a thick layer of broken wood fragments, some of them not so small (see photos below). JohnR has accepted the challenge to lead the planting task. Geoff will bring coffee-time confections.

We may split the group and do a little fence mending too. Total of 125m to do and the line is already clear of brambles. Further details on the day. Tool trailer and earth auger on site please.

This early in the year, despite the recent sunny days, no-one will be parking regular cars in the muddy field, please use the recreation ground carpark just along the road.

Images of the “cleared” site before our visit.

360′  Video  of the west end of the site.

Look what the forestry-grade mulcher did to stacks of ash brash.

Wicor Wood after bashing the brash.

fence fixing, finished after 3 years.

A good straight fence line at Wicor.

Nearly finished. 3 years and 15 visits to re-fence the whole field.

Folks look on as JohnR drives the last staple.

Hard at work again.