BW Moors duty

Event Details

This event finished on 16 September 2020

To show where we’ve been.

Two weeks clearance on behalf of HCS Central Sites team. Barry to lead our labours.

Plenty of mature willow to cut down over two weeks.
We’re tackling a pretty dense coupe near to where we were last year.
Hard hats, ear defenders and eye protection needed. Wellies too!


Covid19 note. Since the new “rule of 6” HCC are taking a very conservative stance about volunteer working despite larger groups of volunteers being a government allowed exception.  At coffee time we’ll discuss changing arrangements for work in subsequent weeks. All welcome today.


Most recent work in area 4

Spot Barry La.? No? He got cropped out!

Site 1 at the start of week 2 at BW Moors.

Team of 6 pose for the passing cameraman.

Chopping, flopping and carrying

Clearing a boggy copse from the inside out.