Workman’s Lane Clearance

Event Details

This event finished on 05 January 2022

For Southern Sites at Hook adjacent to Workman’s Lane. JohnR as task leader.

Three weeks clearing and burning scrub in an ungrazed nature corridor between the road and the pasture. Chainsaws required please and PPE for everyone as blackthorn predominates.

The 400m long work location extends from West to East though we may not clear the whole strip. There are 2 sections, each 70m long enclosed in chicken-wire. These are most densely grown. They have been undisturbed for over 21 years and were originally created to keep out rabbits which used to be prolific along the lane. Myxomatosis eventually did for the local rabbit population,  but they are returning to the scrub along the shore.

Week 1. 33m sparse scrub and 46m dense scrub removed

Week 2. 41m dense scrub turned to ash. (Lunchtime distractions)

Week 3 objective is to clear the chicken-wire area and a little more beyond a Hampshire gate. This will get us to the halfway point.

We will return in March to finish the whole strip.

See the clearance progress in the many photos below.

Before 1 at the east end of the job.

33m of low density scrub gone.

Workman’s Lane December 2021

Before 2.

Our trusty fireman

Before 3.

Progress at lunchtime.

21m of high density scrub cleared here on day1.

Work site 2 cleared 25m of high density blackthorn on day 1.

Monday overtime.

Week 2 fire site 1

Week 2, fire site 2. Dave hot enough to work in short sleeves.

Week 2, fire site 3, before.

Week 2, fire site 3.

A further 12-15m of scrub were cleared in another Monday overtime session. No phone, no camera, no photo!