Taking steps up the Zig-zag path

Event Details

This event finished on 25 May 2022

Two weeks for the National Trust renewing steps up the zig-zag path.

We are asked to use sawn oak boards and oak pegs to renew the steps at each turn up the path.  Geoff to lead.

Week 1. Was a challenge but we finished the work requested shortly after lunch.

Week 2. Will be a variety of fencing tasks. The team may split.

If you park in the back end of the carpark please ensure Jim has your car reg so that you get free exit.

Oops. Mind the step.

Scalpins down there please.

Old guys going round the bend. Sharing the work.

Refurbished steps.

End of the job. Give me a tool to rest on.

Refurbished and strengthened. Selborne. May 2022

Worm’s eye view of new path edge. Selborne.

Iain helping Kevin.

Ha-ha-ha-haaaa !!!