Hedge Laying NT

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This event finished on 16 March 2022

  • Revised plans below.

Two weeks of hedge laying preparation at Hinton Ampner along the Kilmeston road in the Itchen Field where we last worked in November 2019.  Rod may lead the task.

This is a challenging hedge, dense with coppiced hazel regrowth and a little blackthorn that has been flail cut several times. On this visit we will do extensive thinning of a 45m stretch (between telegraph poles) to leave a line of growth that can be layed. Depending on progress in week 1 we will lay the hedge in week 2. All chainsaws on site please with a lot of hand cutting too. Arisings to be stacked in the field in neat piles perpendicular to the hedge for disposal by Paul later.

Some folks will be working in the road so please make sure you bring your high viz vest.

Most of us should park in the layby on the main road.  Only cars bringing heavy equipment or mobility-impaired members may park in Greys Farm Road opposite the work site. We’ll bring hand tools in our cars rather than the tool trailer.

As you walk up Kilmeston Road enter the field via the rickety field gate, on the right.

First task is to remove the stock fence that runs between the field and hedge line.

Week 1. Thinning hedge line completed. Cutting stakes & binders at Beacon Hill complete. Well done everyone.

Week 2.  57m hedge layed as requested. We could have scored 1 more style point if the binders had all gone in the same way.  We all went home damp.

Ready to lay, from the road side. Kilmeston Road.

Thinned-out. Looking North. Hinton Ampner.

Prepared, looking South. Hinton Ampner, March 2022.

A wet day was had by all.

57m of hedge layed March 2022