More IVCP fencing

Event Details

This event finished on 11 May 2022

Two weeks of fencing work in the wonderfully expansive Itchen Valley Country Park.  The work is located in the south of the site near the SE boundary of the airport. 250m to do starting at ///    Kevin task leader. Earth auger in case ground is hard.

Parking will be within IVCP in the first parking area on the right, near the cafe.

Collect and display a free parking permit. Please arrive by 09.30 for the long walk across the water meadows which includes fording a stream so wellies may be the best choice.


Fencing reminders. Break-time conversation topic.

1. Stock fence to be fixed at a height with your toe under the bottom wire.

2. Put staples in strands 1,3,5,8.

3. Staples go in at an angle.  /  or  \  not  | . Driven in hard on Strainer posts and ‘slack’ on intermediate posts.

4. Hold the staple in fencing pliers to get off to a fast start and keep fingers out of harms way.

5. When driving a stob to support a strut it should make a right angle with the strut. It may be tilted a little towards vertical but should not be layed back.