Bernie will lead us off into the new year at Priors Hill Copse where we’re asked to clear weedy holly (as I think was done about 3 years ago). The potential need for petrol-power will be checked – Not needed – Handrolic action only. In a break from the norm, a subgroup will meet at […]

Winter clearance of invasive Holly and Brambles to improve walker access. Details to be agreed between The Friends and Bernie who will lead the task. Path edge clearance in the main. Cutting by hand, or hedge trimmer, or brush cutter. Chainsaws not required. No bonfires. Almost 3 years since we were last here, so it’s […]

Bernie to lead a day of whacking spring growth. Precise workload to be explained on the day but will include the novelty task of whipping young bracken growth to give it a major set-back.¬† It is said that doing this for enough years can eliminate bracken. Appropriate¬† hand tools will be brought. Four hedge trimmers […]