Various trimming, clearing and repair tasks at Twyford Waterworks under Iain’s leadership. Rakes may be the predominant tool of the day. See venue notes for venue notes. Late arrivals may need to politely sound their horn to get the gate opened.

Annual meadow maintenance and a small fence repair. Bring a rake, fork or a muck fork if you have one. An empty ton bag is useful too for hauling cut grass. Task leader Geoff who will also bring along our rakes and forks and a set of post-hole tools from the trailer as Dennis will […]

# rebuild wooden formwork for a flight of 7 steps up a bank # bramble and scrub cut and burn. Hedge and brush cutters required; Parking on site as previously- though perhaps we should stay off the grass. Gate will be unlocked at 9.00 am.  Rod to lead. Any/all elimination of bodily waste only to […]

Autumn visit to clear the meadow at Twyford Waterworks. Please bring a rake or fork and a spare ton bag if you have one. Rod to lead the task! If the dice fall right we’ll also hold the AGM here so please turn up if you can. Rules for attendance will be diligent adherence to […]