Hoping for a dry spell in September we’re headed back to Sponders Mede to concentrate on clearing in and around the pond area under Barry’s direction. Please bring Wellies or Waders as much of the work is in wet ground or standing water. Valerie has obtained permission for us to park over the road in […]

Various tasks in and around Sponders Mede, Otterbourne under Rod’s leadership. Parking at the back of the Old Forge confirmed for all cars. No tool trailer this week. Steve and Tom to bring chainsaws please to clear a fallen tree. Note that, by general agreement, today will be the last appearance of hot water and drink […]

Maintenance visit including work on pond, 2 personnel gates and a tree, lead by Barry. One chainsaw required, to be agreed. Parking on site for people bringing equipment, others across the main road please behind the pub. Rules for attendance will be diligent adherence to distance and hygiene guidelines within a permitted group of up […]

This week the team will split. Two thirds of us will undertake an autumn exercise at Sponders Mede.  Barry knows what’s what and will lead the task. Earth auger, Hedge trimmers and brush cutters will be needed. Waders, on standby. We have been asked NOT to park in the Old Forge pub carpark. (Changed plan). so […]